Introducing Indian Arts Cafe!

Introducing Indian Arts Cafe!

A long standing dream for us at Indian Arts, has always been to create a place that compliments our shopping experience by bringing people together with great food, and exceptional Teas & Coffees.

Launched this year (2021), after a great deal of planning and research, Indian Arts Cafe serves as one half of our Indian Arts Shopping & Cafe Experience.  We are perfectly positioned, and easily located on the high street, within the historic and picturesque town of Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes.  

picture of Indian Arts Cafe interior

Providing finest quality Teas & Coffees are the heart of what makes a great cafe, which is why we spent a great deal of time and research to further learn which providers are truly renowned favourites amongst the Tea & Coffee aficionados.  Of equal importance was finding suppliers who share similar ethical values to ours.

Our Teas

For our Teas, we settled upon T2 Tea.  Not only are their products highly regarded amongst tea lovers worldwide, but they offer us an absolutely innovative and fascinating array of distinctly delicious blends we know you're going to love.


All their products are organic, which means they are naturally good for you too with no preservatives, glutens or dairy.  T2 Tea offers wholesome purity and goodness.  From leaf to cup, a perfect cuppa everytime.  

Coffee Time

Never ones for diversifying away from speciality, the people at Monmouth Coffee Company are highly regarded as London's finest coffee providers, who also set themselves daunting standards of quality and ensure fair and ethical trading by formulating and sustaining close relationships with their carefully selected growers across the globe. 

The blends Monmouth Coffee provide have been expertly selected to ensure a strikingly smooth and rich brew every time, bursting with full bodied flavours.


We offer delicious toasties, super wholesome salad bowls, a range of thick, sandwiches laden with flavours, along with delicious crepes, all expertly and freshly prepared. 

A large proportion of our locally sourced foodstuffs are provided courtesy of the most excellent Whittlebury Bakery, who are consistently passionate about freshness & quality of their produce above all else.

For those with particular sweet tooths or looking for a quick snack, why not try our amazingly luxury- albeit affordable chocolates, courtesy of Guppys. 

We also off beautiful artisnal chocolate delights courtesy of the premium chocolateurs over at Kokoa.   We offer champagne truffles, chocolate shards and more. A perfect compliment to your hot drink.

Excellent crisps always compliment a takeout bite to eat, however a truly appreciable packet of crisps is often overlooked.  This is why we did lots of research on finding the very best.  We chose Two-Farmers crisps for their sustainable, ethical mindedness,  passion and distinct flavours.  Their crisps are hand-cooked to perfection, bursting with flavour!

We Hope To See You Soon!

Our aim is to ensure that our every visitor feels welcomed into a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where personability and the highest service are our key goals. 

Don't forget, Indian Arts Cafe is just one part of the experience we wish to offer.  As your foods and drinks are prepared, why not take a browse around our vibrantly colourful and fully stocked Indian Arts Shopping area?

Full of beautiful, ethically sourced goods with so much more to come!


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon! 



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