Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant
Hand carved using the traditional 'undercut' skill, this small elephant ornament has a mini handcarved elephant inside. Size: 4.5 x 3 x 4cm Soapstone Handmade In India
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Bee/Bug House Hexagonal, Save Our Bees
Designed to provide nest cells for solitary bees of which there are 240 species in the UK. Species such as the red mason bees and leafcutter bees nest in tubes or tunnels. You canencourage these busy pollinators by providing artificial...
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Vintage Iron Jhara Skimmer
This beautiful item is genuinely vintage and once did have a reason for existing other than simply looking fantastic. Originally used for skimming and draining, this item is pre-loved and its days of food grading are well behind it, but...
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Metal Elephant Globe
Handmade by pasting individual leaves of paper around a ball to create the globe, these elephant globes are unusual, eclectic and a truly novelty gift. Handmade Iron, Handmade In India.   Sizes: Small: 20 x 10 x 20cm Large: 27 x 11...
from £24.99
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