Grain & Fruit soaps
When mixed with water these grain and fruit soaps will create a gentle face wash.   Available in: Chia Seed & Grape,  Poppy Seed & Orange along with Oatmeal & Coconut.
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Handmade Coconut & Sustainable Palm Oil Soap
This beautiful handmade soap is made from natural ingredients that are locally sourced. The coconut and palm oil is farm-grown, therefore helping to protect the country’s natural forests, animals, and eco-system. It is only a few pure essential oils that...
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Moon & Stars Jar of Soaps
Jar containing mini soapsLather and apply over wet skin.Rinse thoroughly.Avoid eye area.Not for consumptionHand made 90g
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Sesame Scrub Soaps
Made from mild ingredients to ensure they are soft and gentle to your hands. Available in three variants:  Eucalyptus, Seaweed and Bamboo Charcoal.
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