Our Mission

The aims of Indian Arts are to provide quality Fair Trade products sourced from skilled artisans in India. We believe that by ensuring the producers can receive a fair deal on the products they produce we can help create a sustainable future for them and their skills.

Our Story

Our founder having travelled extensively throughout India, fell in love with the many beautiful places, along with its people- whose skill and creative imaginations realise the production of many wonderful and distinctive items.

As a result, it was decided to begin sharing some of the great things he had seen.

The concept of the business began with the selling of those various goods through London market stalls throughout Camden, Portobello and Greenwich. It also meant regular trips to India.. a dream come true!

As the popularity of the stalls grew, life and family took over and so the business was placed on hold. After 20 years, the founder returned to the original concept with a dream to further develop it.

Indian Arts was born!

We continue to aspire to make Indian Arts a true success -through offering our ever growing catalogue through online presence, along with a high street shop.

We not only strive to grow our business but also to further facilitate real positive impacts to the lives of our suppliers and their families.

This is our continued mission.


Many of our products are also environmentally friendly, reusing or recycling materials and making them into the products we sell. As a responsible business we aim to produce 0% carbon footprint and minimise landfill waste. We are achieving this by recycling packaging, using renewable energy (100% of our electricity is Solar power) and all packaging material we buy are recyclable.
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